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The Icefields Parkway and Banff National Park in September

The second leg of my September in the Rockies trip took me out from Jasper National Park, along the Icefields Parkway and finished off in Banff National Park. The days were spent scouting locations for sunrises to which I would find out at the end of the trip that the fiery  morning at Maligne Lake on my third day would be the only one I would witness. The chilly fall mornings were greeted by beautiful cloudless skies and I was hoping for a few clouds to add some compositional elements and textures to these morning landscapes but to no avail. I made due with what nature presented  throughout the fresh mornings in our Canadian Rockies.

Along the Parkway, Feeding into the North Saskatchewan River, Coleman Creek crosses the highway right at the Jasper/Banff Park boundary. A short hike west reveals a wonderful little canyon where the North Saskatchewan River plunges through steep canyon walls reminiscent of Maligne Canyon in Jasper and Mistaya Canyon in Banff.

The Parkway also reveals pools and ponds with rocks, reeds and grasses which provides plenty of interesting photographic opportunities.

A couple of uneventful sunrises were spent at Both Upper and Lower Waterfowl Lakes as well as Herbert Lake and despite the lack of that “fire in the sky”, pleasant and tranquil mornings were spent photographing mountain reflections in perfectly still waters while the song of the loon could be heard echoing through the mountains.

The final two days would be spent mostly at Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka with brief stops at Moraine Lake and Vermilion Lakes in Banff.

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