Chasing Jones Releases “Loves Got Teeth”

This past Saturday I headed off to the Starlite room here in Edmonton to shoot my friends Nick and Adam Dilullo’s band, Chasing Jones as they officially released their third album, “Loves Got Teeth”.  As always, the show was exciting, electrifying and tons of fun. Whenever I set out for a photo shoot, I always think about the light.  In the past, lighting at the Starlite room was reasonable for  concert photography.  This past weekend however, the lighting had relegated me to use ridiculous settings such as ISO 8000 and 12800 at f/2.8.  Hardly the optimal shooting conditions for a picky photographer.  Often when these less than optimal conditions exist,  I try to use the slow shutter speed to my advantage and indulge in some artistic blurs.  Sometimes I think these types of images expose the true excitement and feelings that go with a great performance.  Here are a few of my favourites from a fun filled evening with my friends, Nick and Adam  –  Chasing Jones.  Click on an  image to view larger version.  Please visit the Chasing Jones CD Release Gallery for more images.

Chasing Jones, cd release, Loves Got Teeth, Nick Dilullo, Adam Dilullo

Chasing Jones, cd release, Loves Got Teeth, Nick Dilullo, Adam Dilullo

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2 thoughts on “Chasing Jones Releases “Loves Got Teeth”

  1. You were able to mask your ISO 8000 quite well considering the light you had to work with. Nice work as usual. As previously stated I always love the black and white. The tones (?) seem to be different between pictures 814 and 815. 815 appear to have a bit of brown? Slight sepia? I dunno however what I do know is that I like it. That’s gotta count for something.


    1. Thanks very much Gord,

      The D3S is pretty incredible with high ISO performance but while the shots look ok on the web, I wouldn’t want to make any big prints with these files. Although maybe for these types of shots it might add a bit to the artistic look…hmmmm, food for thought. :) You are right about the different tones in the black and white images. I have been adding varying degrees of toning in Nik Silver Efex pro when converting to black and white. I like the look and feel of that sepia like tone. It gives a monochromatic image a different dimension…well, at least to me!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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