Finding Inspiration

Sidney Sunset, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I would like to start this story by saying “from time to time” however,  it is more like “quite often”  I sit in front of my keyboard without a single thought on what to write.  Today,  I just finished mowing my lawn.  All sorts of thoughts going through my head while cutting the grass and I could not finish soon enough to fire up the old computer and begin tip tapping away on the keyboard.  So where did this inspiration come from? Not a simple answer to that question.

Sidney Sunset, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Just a few days before leaving for Vancouver Island on the first of June, I purchased a set of three e-books entitled Vision is Better I,II and III by extraordinary Canadian photographer David Duchemin.  While I am nearing the last few pages of the first book,  I will refrain from reviewing or telling you how great and inspiring his words are at least until I finish reading the entire series.  I will however say this;  if you have never heard of or read any of his stories, do yourself a favour and head over to his blog and be prepared for some great reading. I could say that this post was inspired by his words.  I could say that this story was inspired by a series of images I made from my Vancouver Island trip.  I could say that this story was inspired by my decision to spend  the final evening of my trip overlooking the ocean.

My plan was to  stay  in a beach front inn, have a nice cold beer, a great salmon dinner, sit back,  relax and soak in all of the  “wonders of discoveries”  from my week on the Island.  I checked in,  grabbed my bags, gear and headed to my room.  There it was right next to my door…a series of abstract paintings put together as one on a roughly 4’ x 4’ canvas.  So simple … yet so inspiring.  There was ocean, there was sky, and there were trees, mountains or whatever your imagination led you to believe.  All painted with loose horizontal and vertical  brush strokes. I thought wow! This is awesome!  Totally my kind of art and to my shame, I did not record the artists name to give the credit he/she deserves. I entered my room, had a long hot shower, a shave,  changed into fresh clothes and began my evening of relaxation with a walk along  the Sidney marina.  I was standing on a pier when it hit me.  I stared at the ocean, then the horizon and finally  the sky.  There it was.  I imagined what it would look like at sunset and at that very moment I had visualized what would become some of my favourite images.  My brush would be my Nikon, my strokes would be a combonation of slow shutter, camera movements and a little photoshop and my paint palette would be mixed from the colors born of the setting sun.

Sidney Harbor Sunset in Black and White, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

You could say that inspiration and vision goes hand in hand.  The image was born from a view of an incredible painting.  This story was born by the impact of David’s words. The complete story was born from cutting my lawn on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  Inspiration and Vision.  Sometimes it’s just not that easy to find. Essentially… whether you are a painter, a sculptor, a musician,  a writer, a photographer or any other type of artist… inspiration is all around us.  So… Go outside. Close your eyes. Take a deep deep breath.  Now open your eyes slowly,  turn and look around.  Do you feel it?

Until next  time…

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