Impressionism and Photography

All forms of art are subjective. One of my favorite types of art are the impressionist paintings from the likes of Claude Monet, Camille Pissaro and John Constable. While this style of painting is not to everyone’s liking, one cannot dismiss the fact that the loose brush and knife strokes along with the color palettes drives our minds and imagination.

Mill Creek Impression,

Mill Creek Impression : Prints Available

A photograph or an image can be interpreted in the same way. This past October, with my  camera as my “brush” and nature as my “palette”, I set forth in nearby Mill Creek to  search for my “canvass” and put my tools to work.  The following images presented are all produced in camera. That is to say that no post processing was used to achieve the results you see other that the standard adjustments one uses in the digital darkroom.  Reflections, camera movement, subject motion or a combination of all three produced these impressionistic images.

A combination of Lightroom and Photoshop was used for post processing with adjustments to Camera Profile, Clarity, Vibrancy, Contrast and Saturation. On occasion, Nik Color efex pro was used to give that little extra spark to the image. I hope you enjoy my version of the impressionist movement of the late 1800’s in these images.

Mill Creek Impression,

Mill Creek Impression : Prints Available

Click on any image for a larger preview. Please visit the Abstract and Impressions gallery to view additional images from this series.

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4 thoughts on “Impressionism and Photography

  1. First of all, well done on all three. Awsome! My favorite? The third one. Why? I don’t know, like you said it’s subjective. I’m not sure the shot would have the same impact on me if I couldn’t relate to its placement. Having spent much time cycling through Mill Creek the photo has more of a connection. That third one is a guaranteed enlarged wall print.


    1. Hi Gord,

      Well, thanks very much for such a favourable comment. I appreciate your thoughts. These types of shots are a lot of fun and can really get the imagination going. From an artists point of view, what I see in the third image is mix of charcoal and ink sketching. As far as post processing on that particular image goes I ran it through a filter in Nik Color Efex Pro which enhances the blacks and desaturates colour. I liked the results and I’m glad you do too.



  2. Great post, Fab. I really like your technique. I would suggest considering to share your tech specs for the images as many blog readers will enjoy this kind of info.

    It would be really cool to make this a project through the different seasons in your neck of the woods. It could make for a really cool exhibit subject someday.


    1. Thanks very much Greg! Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. I know that I appreciate tech specs so thats something I will try include on future posts. I also like your idea on the seasonal impressionist exhibit. Definitely a fun project to work on! Thanks for your thoughts!



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