Italy-2018-Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is so much more than a cool photograph of a cliff side village right next to the ocean.  The trails that link the 5 historic  towns are full of history and discovery.  My hike from Corniglia to Manarola meandered and climbed much like the  mountain trails back home in the Rocky Mountains of Jasper National Park with the exception that they often crossed paths with mountain side vineyards and old stone buildings.  It was the middle of April and the vines were just beginning to come to life.  How beautiful it would be to visit during the peak season when the leaves are full,  grapes are ripe and  workers are busy. None the less, the peace I felt from escaping the masses of tourists in the town sites was a welcome diversion.

The next day my hike took me for a loop up the mountain side and back town to Riomaggiore where I started.  As a  visitor I could not help but marvel that people  live here.  There are no cars.  Nothing is direct.  It’s all up and down by foot  via  narrow trails, streets and steep stairs.  Even the elderly navigated the three dimensional maze with purpose and confidence.  It is their home and this is their way of life.  How amazingly fantastic!

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  1. Fantastic! A pleasure to see the photos from Italy. I too had the pleasure of visiting the Cinque Terra back in 2004. One of my best memories was that of no vehicle traffic. At night, sitting upon the roof top patio, and listening to the sounds below of dishes clanking and people talking was blissful. Your pictures allow me to revisit the experience. Great work as always Fab.

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