Jasper National Park • Fire in the Sky

Back in late August we had been experiencing some phenomenal sunrises right here in my home city of Edmonton. The flaming orange skies were simply amazing so I was pretty excited about heading out to our Alberta Rocky Mountains for some quality time behind the lens with the hopes of finding similar conditions to accompany our majestic mountainscapes. So the first week of September, I packed up my tent, camping equipment and all the necessary items I would need for 9 days of photography in the mountains and began my quest for that perfect sunrise.

I rose at 5:00 a.m. in Jasper National Park that first morning to a chilly two degrees Celsius ( about 36 Fahrenheit ) and headed to a little spot known as the Glory Hole named by renowned Canadian photographer Daryl Benson for the areas history to consistently yield wonderful images at sunrise even if the weather throughout the rest of the park was unfavorable. Without a cloud in the sky, the sun rose bright and mighty and while it was still a beautiful morning, the sky was rather uninteresting. It was not the spectacular sunrise I had hoped for. Stops at Medicine Lake and Horseshoe Lake were accompanied by hiking and scouting for areas suitable for making images.

It would be on the third and final day in Jasper to which I would witness one of the most spectacular sunrises ever in the park. The third morning I awoke at 4:15 a.m. to break camp and head to Maligne Lake before heading south down the Icefields Parkway towards Banff National Park. I hiked in the dark to the spot I had scouted the previous day and began setting up. Shortly thereafter, the sky lit up like a fireball and I spent the next several hours photographing to my hearts content. Even after the fiery moments came to a close, the light was so wonderful, that I contentedly snapped away filling my memory card with what would turn out to be some of my favorite images.

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