Finding Inspiration

I would like to start this story by saying “from time to time” however,  it is more like “quite often”  I sit in front of my keyboard without a single […]

Botany Bay?! Oh No!! • Vancouver Island, Sooke to Port Renfrew – Part IV

I will once again  apologize  to those that are unfamiliar with my references  to the classic Star Trek Movie, The Wrath of Khan. I just can’t help it.  As a […]

Scouting the Kootenay Plains

Whenever I head out to the mountains to areas I’m not familiar with, my regular routine is to scout during the day with hopes of finding that little spot where […]

Winter in The Canadian Rockies: Talbot Lake, Jasper National Park – Day One

Despite the cold, wind, frozen toes, frozen fingers and dripping snotty noses, I love photographing our Rocky Mountains in winter.  When it’s minus 25 degrees Celsius  and gusting winds are […]

Using White Balance for Natural Monochromes

When days are overcast, cloudy,  and hopes for  capturing that glorious explosion of color as the sun begins to rise is long gone,  I  look for shapes, textures and think […]