The Guide To Tropical Nature Photography by Greg Basco and Glenn Bartley

One of the things I learned from my very first trip to Costa Rica is that photography in tropical rainforests can be quite the challenge.  For some photographers, the heat humidity and rain are challenges on their own but throw in low light, high contrast and just darn right difficult exposures,  these challenges are enough to cause even experienced photographers to scratch their heads. To help you with your next trip to the tropics, let me introduce to you “The Guide To Tropical Nature Photography” e-book by Greg Basco and Glenn Bartley. This one of the most comprehensive e-books I have ever laid eyes on. Simply put it is awesome! Not only does the book extensively cover topics such as natural light, use of flash, landscape, wildlife and macro photography  in great detail,  but you will also find invaluable discussions  on your subject,  post processing and equipment just to name a few.  Another bonus of this e-book is that you can load it on your laptop, tablet, i-pad and even your smart phone and have access to it’s  vast information wherever your travels take you.  Add the incredible images by Greg and Glenn and  I can only say that this  377 page wonder is the most  comprehensive, mind-blowing, wicked bad-ass-deadly e-books you will ever own!  For more information be sure to visit The Guide To Tropical Nature Photography website or just click here to purchase your copy for only $ 39.99

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