The Porsche: A Self Assignment

About two years ago, my friend Stu and I set the ground rules for, not so much of a competition, but more of a self assignment project. Stu is an incredible artist and photographer. His medium of choice is paper and his favorite tools are Pen and Ink. He  claims his photography is not on par but I disagree. His love of cars is obvious and I think his art and work is superb and doesn’t give himself enough credit. You can check out Stu’s amazing work here: THESTU and I’m pretty excited to see his expression of this challenge.

Obviously, my art falls on the photographic side of things. The rules or guidelines of our self-assignment was such that we each had to come up with a project to which we normally would not work on. Stu was to set aside his favorite paper, pen and inks for a canvas and acrylic paints where I was to set aside my nature photography and concentrate on cars. I further pushed my self-assignment to include compositing where I would have to work on some Photoshop skills and turn 2 or more photos into one. Our timeline was to be 3 months and…well…here we are two years later. What can I say…you never want to rush an artist!

Porsche Comp

For my assignment I chose an image I made at a Porsche event sponsored by Modern Auto Body here in Edmonton. I think it’s a Boxster S but I’m sure someone will correct me on this if I’m wrong. I then used an image from a foggy country road not far from my house and to add a little drama, I incorporated a sunset sky from an image I made during one of my visits to Costa Rica with my good friend Greg Basco.

After many trials and versions from the mild to the ridiculous, I chose the image at the beginning of this post to share. It’s not perfect by all means. It’s not supposed to be but I can see many errors and things that need attention. I wanted to put together something that was cool with a little bit of drama and I think it works here.  I think after some scrutiny, the next will be better and so on….

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