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About the Photographer

Fabrizio Tessaro
I have always loved nature and have never felt the peace and tranquility I feel when in the midst of the wilderness. Seeing an image of a grizzly devouring a salmon was the catalyst to my love of nature and wildlife photography. In the fall of 2007, and armed with minimal camera equipment,  I set forth  on a journey to photograph bears in Alaska  followed by the discovery of the Costa Rican rainforest and it's biodiversity in early 2008. Such a wonderfull discovery was Costa Rica that I have returned every year since.   It is a country that I have grown to love and have made great friendships along the way. As far as my photography goes, I strive to capture the best in-camera/RAW image such that post processing is limited to the basics in the digital darkroom. Having said that, I am not adverse to using the digital software technologies thrust upon us and from time to time,  I find myself having some fun creating something different, at least in my eyes. For me the most important aspect of photography is full disclosure in order to maintain not only the reputation but also the integrity of all nature photographers, amateurs and professionals alike.  I have a great respect for those who express "digital manipulation", "composite image" or "captive" in their posts. I will strive to follow in thier footsteps. 

Long ago before my first camera was even a thought, my sister had given me as a gift a beautiful photo book entitled: ITALY – A Journey of Dreams. The personal inscription  on the inside cover read: “ Whatever your dreams may be, may the journey be filled with the wonder of discovery.” That was back in 1992 and to this day that phrase remains fresh in my mind and resonates with me with all that is life. My passion for photography has brought me so many discoveries in people, places, nature and all living things. We are in a constant state of discovery including the wonder that goes with it. I invite you to join me through my “wonders of discovery” , and hope that you will experience these discoveries with the wonder that I have.

I invite you…