Image Library: Mill Creek Impressions

Much like the old impressionist paintings of Monet and others, these impressionistic photographic images lend themselves to interpretation and imagination. Not everyone will like them and some even say that impressionism has passed. I would like to believe that there are still some out there that love a mystery and a story that sometimes isn’t simply “black and white” . I would describe these impressionistic images as an exercise of the imagination.  

Each image was produced in camera using camera movement, changing focal lengths and sometimes a combination of both. The colors you see have not been added. Camera profile set to Vivid, Landscape and Adobe Standard was all that was needed to produce the vibrant colors you see. While vibrancy and saturation sliders were left untouched, adjustments to brightness, clarity, contrast, shadows and highlights was all that was used in the post processing of these images. Nik Silver Efex Pro was used for Black and White conversions.